Watching Yourself Blow Out Your Birthday Candles

7/11/38 LIFE

It was June 24th, 1938, and a celebration was in order as pugilist Jack Dempsey, aka The Manassa Mauler, blew out candles for his 43rd birthday, accompanied by his third wife (of four) Hannah and daughter Joan.  A year prior, Kyril Petrov Vassilev, a Bulgarian painter of royalty, had moved to the US and befriended Dempsey. He had started this painting only 10 days prior to this shot. As you can see, he worked quickly.

12 thoughts on “Watching Yourself Blow Out Your Birthday Candles”

  1. I can’t for the life of me figure out why someone would want such a large portrait of themself hanging on the wall. Of course I am not famous either. I like your header shot. Is that a picture of cows being milked? I like milk and steak. The last couple of weeks I have found choice PSMO and prime strips on sale. Yes I do like steak.

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    1. It’s nice to hear that beef is not at crazy high prices. I do like to put a roast in the slow cooker all day. Yes, those cows are just milk cows for butter. I agree that a large portrait would be unsettling.

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