No Need To Wake Up; US Clearly Already Woke

While modern voices find much merriment in decrying systemic racism, declaring the US a consistently racist environment, despite the fact that millions of immigrants have moved here over the last 200 years to pursue (and succeed) in one of the few countries affording them that freedom, no one could argue that America seemed to get it 100% right in this 1938 LIFE article, slamming the Anti-Semitic sentiment which mirrored the growing Nazi party. Very woke indeed.

2 thoughts on “No Need To Wake Up; US Clearly Already Woke”

  1. The Jews have been beat on for centuries. The Nazis and Commies are merely the newest actors in the tragedy. I find it interesting that the loudest anti semetic voice is the one calling out everyone who disagrees with them as racist and facists. I pray they learn the truth some day.

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