Delta Tests New Space-Age Coffee Holder

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What’s going on here? Sideburns and Leisure Suit are actually showing astronaut Story Musgrave (yes, Story!) a fancy new shuttle vehicle at the Johnson Space Center in 1976. Chemist Robert Clarke and physiologist Charles Sawin assess Story’s reaction, hoping he doesn’t spill his morning coffee. Story will turn 85 next month, still the most formally educated astronaut with six academic degrees.

11 thoughts on “Delta Tests New Space-Age Coffee Holder”

  1. Six degrees! Wowzer. I have two degrees and contemplated getting a PhD but didn’t even embark on applying. Now I feel like such an under-achiever. Also, if car manufacturers had been involved in NASA developments, there for sure would have been cup holders all over every shuttle. Finally, Story Musgrave is a great name.

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  2. My husband’s family and I went to see him in Austin in 2009. Musgrave gave an incredible presentation with stellar slides. His energy, intelligence, and accomplishments (saving the Hubble telescope, for example) were inspiring. After the program he visited with us and let us take pics of him. You can Google his talks, such as this one: Long(er) may he live!

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    1. Lol. If he’s anything like my teen, he wouldn’t have learned anything at all through months of social distancing. I sure don’t want my doctor to have a distance learning degree.


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