He’ll Be In Mexico Before You Count Ten

Child Life, 3/26

Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin’ town, that toddlin’ town … ♪♫♪ No wonder they were toddling! Rolling on rubber was like skating on clouds with Chicago roller skates. This ad hails from my March 1926 issue of Child Life. You can bet they had a WAY better March than we just did. What do you make of this lantern-bearing imp?

The stock market was years away from crashing, so Easter was going to be LIT. Who wouldn’t want kraft toys of bunnies and ducks that ROLLED, just like those boss Chicago skates?

Or this disturbing gender-ambiguous amputee? What fun!

Little boys evidently wore ties when they colored and crafted. Mother, look, I dressed like Papa!

But when coloring was done, it was time to pull out the old Lanky Tinker (Tom Tinker’s cousin).


8 thoughts on “He’ll Be In Mexico Before You Count Ten”

  1. I remember skates made that way but they had steel wheels. I wonder how long the rubber lasted? One thing these toys had in common was that the kids needed to use some imagination.

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  2. Lanky Tinker reminds me of Forky. I had a pair of skates I could buckle onto my shoes when I was a kid. Unfortunately I never sailed over rocks light as a feather. Crash boom was more like it.

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  3. Well, Kerbey, I had difficulty staying upright in the era of four-wheeled skates and absolutely no chance when the world changed over to two wheels. My daughter wished for me to teach her online skating. Sorry, kid. See mom.

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