Proper Pawmenship

Among my granddad’s endless child-of-the-Depression-era keepsakes (honestly, I should start a blog just called THAT, since it could last into the next century), was this signed (pawmenship, not penmanship) image of Rin Tin Tin himself. Does he look focused or forlorn? They really should have posed him looking up. In any event, he died the next year in 1932. Other RTT’s succeeded him, but he was the legit and only German Shepherd rescued from a World War I battlefield.

Far be it for KenL-Ration not to send advertising and pimp their products to young kids (like my gramps) who sent off for them. After all, it’s what Rin Tin Tin ate.

14 thoughts on “Proper Pawmenship”

  1. Say me, are Kit-E-Kat/Chappie from Mars were Kit-E-Ration/Ken-L-Ration initially or Mars acquired only Chappel’s factory and manufactured its own feeds from ground? I know that original Chappel brands also has been sold for a long time (since later 1920-x) by Quaker Oats, but never by Mars. And Quaker Oats finally acquired Chappel totally in 1942.

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