Stride Rite

Crossing campus can be a tricky affair.

UT ’33

Social circles cross, and conversations must be had.

What’s the tea for ’33?

The old chap on the far left appears to be escaped British royalty, perhaps setting the precedent for Harry and Meghan.

So many sights to see!

Such sweet smiles on the faces of youth as they head into their future.

10 thoughts on “Stride Rite”

  1. What strikes me most about your pictures is the attire of the students. So many suits and ties on the men and actual dresses or skirts for the women. Even the casual dressed ones seem formal by modern standards. Also even though they may be “formal” they are all unique. Today kids seem to be in costume and they are so much alike. How much longer will ripped knees be cool? When I was a kid if you ripped out a knee you got it patched up pronto, Oh well. Wsn’t Stride Rite a brand of shoes?

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    1. Yes, it’s a brand of shoes. I’m proud to say I never wore ripped jeans in my life. Reading what you said, it strikes me that these college kids dressed as though they were in the adult world now, whereas later generations were holding on to the last bit of casual or rebellious outfits. Maybe it’s because more people were getting married in college then and had to be grown-ups? All I know is it must have taken a long time to get dressed for class.


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