Orange You Glad You’re Not A Wicker-Weaver?

Famagustan orange baskets make their way to Livadhia, where hopefully, a wicker market exists.

Nat Geo July 1928

Main Street has yet to be paved, and the donkeys tire easily.

The goats, however, are doing just fine, thank you very much.

If oranges prove to be in short supply in Livadhia, the baskets can be used for other things.

What could go wrong?

10 thoughts on “Orange You Glad You’re Not A Wicker-Weaver?”

    1. The kids will fall out and fracture their collarbones and have to rush to the nearest ER, which is a solid hour away on a good donkey pace, only to realize they forgot their insurance card, and be turned away, and mom will have to fashion a makeshift sling out of some tattered rags, and all the kids will make fun of the kid, #bullying, and the kid will plan devious acts out of revenge, which the news will report endlessly, and copycatters will follow.

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