New Englanders Live Four Years Longer

Back in the summer of 1932, everyone who was anyone was planning to travel up to New England on account of the boss eclipse that would “never again” happen until the year 2000.

And my favorite part of the ad?

This. They live four years longer. Longer than whom? All the other states?

Well, some New England states still make the top 10 in terms of longevity, but the latest 2018 rankings show folks in Minnesota live the longest: 78.7 years old on average. Mississippi ranked 51st (the study includes Washington, D.C.), where it’s 71.8 years. For results on your state, click here.

In the meantime, if you live in Mississippi, make sure to watch these crucial factors: tobacco use, alcohol abuse, and bad diets. Or get yourself up to New England pronto!

4 thoughts on “New Englanders Live Four Years Longer”

  1. Like the old joke. “No it just seems they live longer”. Indiana ranks at 41 or 42 tied with Georgia. I know Hoosiers are always being hit about their diet and sedentary ways. Texans are doing all right just a few years shy of Minnesotans. Frankly give me Texas OR Indiana over Minnesota any day. I must comment about your header picture. Are those bananas? Isn’t that little girl young for a nurse?

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