Fondling Low-Hanging Fruit


Golden Grapefruit by Edwin L. Wisherd

With grapefruits and papayas, I am familiar. But breadfruit? Never heard of it, never seen it, never scrolled past it on a menu. Evidently, you can roast and fry it. Have any of you ever tasted breadfruit?

12 thoughts on “Fondling Low-Hanging Fruit”

  1. Nice looking grapefruit. I have had breadfruit before. Not sure where. Probably some place in the Caribbean. It tastes a lot like potatoes. More ripe they do taste like a slightly sweet roll.

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    1. Potatoes, huh? I guess it makes as much sense to call it “breadfruit” as it does to call a thing “grapefruit” that has no grapes. And don’t get me started on pineapple. Have you ever eaten the stinky durian fruit?

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      1. No. I have always wanted to try as many different food as possible but I drew the line at Durian. I actually made an attempt once but the smell drove me away. It was the most horrendous stink. How could anything smell that bad I have no idea.

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  2. Had a breadfruit tree in our yard in Hawaii. We never ate much so we had a deal with our Samoan friends that they could have all the breadfruit in return for pruning the tree each year.

    Today’s trivia: in Hawaiian, breadfruit is ‘ulu, ‘Ulu is a staple food item of the South Pacific, has lots of legends surrounding it and even today ‘ulu tree is still often planted when a child is born to ensure a lifetime of nourishment.

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      1. Well, there are always those mystery fruits in the store that most people walk past so I can’t be sure. If it takes a machete to break it open, then I don’t even try.


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