Cosplay 1961

61 Round Up

Not sure what’s going on here, whether it’s a Greek college costume party or Halloween or what. I do know that stuffed animals that size are on the pricey end, and usually don’t belong to adults, unless it was won as a carnival prize on a date.

I’m all for fun and frolic and costume parties, but only for an evening. I deplore the current subculture of cosplay. Detest anime. Loathe manga. I don’t understand the lengths to which grown people play pretend and the time and money and travel spent to escape their real lives. I understand being a child at heart, enthusiasm, awe, seeing the world with fresh eyes. But playing dress-up with other grown-ups as a lifestyle? Perhaps I’m a crotchety old fart, but I don’t get it.

15 thoughts on “Cosplay 1961”

  1. Right on Kerby. Did you notice that everyone looks like a human in a costume except for the devil and the woman in front of him? Don’t they look a little “other worldly”? It is a set up/ IT’S A COOKBOOK!

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    1. Is that the devil? See how dense I am. I thought it was something Roman or like Caesar. I do like to join a good conga line. Of course a former restaurant man would think it’s a cookbook!

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      1. n but it looks as though he has a bit of horn on his head and he does have a goatee. The chick in front of him sure looks like an extra from Beetle Juice. As far as the cookbook reference that comes from a Twilight Zone episode. A tall Lurch like alien lands on Earth and gives all of these gifts to the people of Earth and a book called “To Serve Man”.. He also agreed to take as many “tourists” as he could to visit his planet. One of the doctors volunteered while the book was being translated. As he was boarding a woman told him what the translation was. Guess

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    1. Ha ha! Yes. Are you the kind of person that doesn’t understand why people collect tons of dolls of little girls? That makes me want to get an Exorcist as well, when I see roomfuls of creepy dolls.

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  2. I don’t think I ever “spaked”, even as a child. But if I did spake it would be that I agree with you 100% on cosplay and the rest of that stuff. But, then again, I don’t like Halloween either.

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