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Things That Don’t Pair Well With Wine: That Outfit July 29, 2018

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Long Island winery from “An American Moment” by Harris

Why am I so salty on the sabbath? Is it the 100+ heat with no chance of a cloud until mid-October? Perhaps I just can’t process why this vintner chose to put that ensemble together.

“Okay, Carol, focus, focus! The magazine is coming today, and they’re going to take some pictures, so I’ll just build my outfit, starting with shoes. These sandals are so smart! What goes with this coral shade? Ah, yes, my old artist’s smock–the one with sleeves that go past my weenus. What’s next? The plaid navy skirt that makes me look bulky despite my thin frame. Marvelous. Done.”

To be fair, salmon and navy are on trend this season. Just not in the same proportion.

In fact, my last dress purchased was a navy/salmon print. That salmon is so current. Or is it against current? 😉

Who knew you could even get SHOES in said colors?

Just perfect for the petite jogging woman who needs to add three inches of height as she pounds pavement!


7 Responses to “Things That Don’t Pair Well With Wine: That Outfit”

  1. Benson Says:

    Well I’ll be. I bought a salmon shirt and wore it with navy slacks and my better half thought I looked like a clown. Now I know that if I do dress as a clown it is a fashionable one. As for the lady in the picture her salmon looks almost orange. In her defense maybe her smock is required wear at the vineyard. In which case her judgement would only be partially impaired.

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  2. Why would you people buy clothes with fish drawings on them? And why salmon instead of a nice bass? A large mouth bass.

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  3. Blech – what a color combo.

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