Before Summers Were 110 Degrees

An American Moment by Harris

Those of you alive during the summers of the 1980s might recall how high-cut swimsuits were, with fabric barely meeting at the hipbone. These two young ladies seem to be enjoying the golden hour of a Rhode Island summer’s eve. Props for the two-tier gold necklace. Did she wear that into the water?

Misquamicut Beach

4 thoughts on “Before Summers Were 110 Degrees”

  1. Oh I remember those swim suits very well. It never ceased to amaze me both the rise and the plunge of them. It took a very secure lady to wear them. That whole necklace in the water bit I don’t get.

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    1. Time to get new socks! My husband wears holes in his in three months, and I wonder how can he just walk so aggressively as to cause holes? Mine are good for a few years. The only clothes I have from the 80s are retired concert shirts.


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