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I Can’t Wait To Die So I Can Haunt This House

Victorian era peeps rarely looked happy to be alive. Maybe it was the ten minutes each morning spent lacing up boots or corsets or angling their hats just so. Maybe it was the frustration of pier and beam homes on those windy cold winter’s nights, wishing they had concrete foundations. The only information written on the picture was that Agnes is the girl on the left, and Lois is the girl on the right. Lois is the only one who seems to be enjoying the day, possibly because swings. No swings = stern.

14 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait To Die So I Can Haunt This House”

    1. It just makes me think about the structural issues from 100 years ago, and the plumbing and the electric not being to code, cracks in the foundation… I watch too much HGTV!

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      1. That is funny because I was thinking something similar. I was thinking how easy it would be to access the plumbing. Then I thought a basement would be better because you could stand. Then I thought that the house may not have indoor plumbing and that would be a complete drag.

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