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Barb Grabbing Barbed Wire March 22, 2018

Barb was feeling solid that day. Clem had his good tie and hat on (the one that covered his high and tight, Macklemore-y, I was Fascist when Fascist wasn’t cool haircut), and the world was alive with possibility. The homestead was thriving. The fence posts were fenceposting. Barb threw caution to the wind and climbed aboard the fence and didn’t even care if the wire cut into the flesh of her palm. Her dress was fierce, her hair was amazing (think early Peanuts Lucy). What’s a little blood in the scheme of things?


11 Responses to “Barb Grabbing Barbed Wire”

  1. Des Says:

    Your interpretation of this photo made me laugh out loud this morning while everyone else was still sleeping. Not good…

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  2. Benson Says:

    What in the world were they trying to say with this photograph? His stormtrooper doo certainly goes well with her early Princess Leia cut but what else is there? Good find and I don’t know what Macklemorey is.

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  3. Grabbing the wire barehanded. Barb was not the brightest heifer in the herd.

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  4. Ha ha ha! I love the narrative you’ve created for this photograph.

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  5. I dunno — it has potential for a movie script.

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