Honey, We Can’t Live In Hotels Forever


Oh, the First World Problems of 1946! Howard wants to go house-hunting, but Mary is backed up. He offers to make her a glass of Sal Hepatica, which to me sounds like a mixture of Sal Mineo and hepatitis. Don’t do it, Mary!


You remember what happens to Sal Mineo, Mary? He gets stabbed to death in an alley by a pizza delivery man 30 years from now. Is that how you want to go out, Mary?

Fortunately, the sparkling, saline laxative works for Mary, and she jumps from el excusado to Howard’s arms in no time flat. Dream home, here we come!





  1. Well Mary if you guys didn’t eat in diners all the time you be regular. You and Howard both need a good home cooked meal. Now take your Sal Hepatica, like a good girl and go find that dream home. Also don’t forget to tune in to “Break the Bank” on Friday evening.

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  2. Your laxative Sal Mineo mash-up made me laugh out loud. Ha ha ha! Who on earth thought the best scenario for promoting the merits of laxatives would be a couple stuck living out of hotels because the wife is too constipated to go house hunting? It’s all a little random, is it not?

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