They Will ABSOLUTELY Miss The Meat: Libby’s Easy-Don’t Friday Sludgefest

Libby's 1956
Libby’s 1956

Oh, Libby. I don’t know who or where you are, but I know you are misleading America. I remember a jingle about “Libby, Libby, Libby on the label, label, label” and now I imagine your name was said thrice as folks were shaking their heads at atrocities such as this. I think we can all agree that a mom who throws a can of corn on deviled eggs “in hot, undiluted cream of mushroom soup” (as indicated below) is dialing it in. And peas with salmon chunks? I am nigh on the verge of regurgitation, Libby.


14 thoughts on “They Will ABSOLUTELY Miss The Meat: Libby’s Easy-Don’t Friday Sludgefest

  1. That is not a recipe! Oh dear me. Were they trying to stop women working outside the home by suggesting that this vomit on a platter was what they would end up serving to their poor malnourished kids if they tried to have a career and a family? I manage to work outside the home and feed four kids meals cooked from scratch almost every night (no lies – I do sometimes throw some frozen meatballs in the oven) and never once has it occurred to me to mix canned vegetables with canned soup and some eggs. I hope most people seeing this advert back in the day were able to spot the propaganda. And I sincerely hope they did not make this recipe ever.

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    1. Cans + cans hasn’t occurred to you because you are not a crazy person. Props to you for managing that each night! I make a nourishing meal each night as well, but for a much smaller family, and I don’t work outside the home. You must manage time well. My son isn’t picky but I imagine he would feel inclined to take the whole tray and toss it in the trash. I bet your boys would crinkle their noses as well. I mean, almost ANY combo of foods would be better. Put the corn and peas in with rice and chicken, and it would already be better. It seems like her husband would come home and say, “THIS is what you came up with? Have you been drinking again?”

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      1. It is actually no harder to cook for many mouths than a few. It is just about scaling up quantities. I am from a large family so I actually never learned how to cook for just a couple of people. When it was just my husband and I, I routinely made way too much food and we would freeze it or eat it for lunches for a couple of days. And I am not saying I do not use canned food as canned beans and tomatoes are a staple of many of the meals I cook (we are mainly vegetarian) but something about that combination of soup and veggies just turned my stomach. Bleugh!

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  2. Oh No!!! I am a vegetarian and I can’t imagine ever eating anything that resembles the above!! Oh yuck….OK, one more question, when did salmon quit being meat?
    You do manage to find some of the most entertaining ads, pics from the past!

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    1. I wondered that, too. I guess it’s for Catholics? You know how they have those Friday fish fries? Fish doesn’t count as meat there. I guess an animal in the sea wasn’t really “alive” alive. I’d take broccoli, cabbage, kale, swiss chard–anything over this.

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  3. That is the most God-awful display of food I think I have ever seen. Canned veggies have a place but it sure ain’t on a pile of mushroom soup. I hope Libby’s entire marketing department got “canned” for this.

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