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Christmas 1961 December 23, 2016

Filed under: 1960s,Advertising,Art,Fun,History,Nostalgia,Pics,Vintage — kerbey @ 10:50 am


All of these ads are from my 12/16/61 Saturday Evening Post.

Kodak Brownie

Kodak Brownie

post121661-004 post121661-005




5 Responses to “Christmas 1961”

  1. GP Cox Says:

    The Post is still great!! Enjoy!

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  2. I love the advert for the Kodak Brownie. It’s a really pleasing composition. What the heck are the snowman’s eyes made from? Lemons for the cocktails? It’s a bit creepy. Have a wonderful festive season!

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  3. Benson Says:

    I love the older print ads. They were actually drawn by a human. I have to comment on your header. That pic really makes me realize I was possibly born too late. I would have loved to have been an adult in the 50’s. Oh well. Merry Christmas Kerby.

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