Manly Modern-Day Hipster Time-Travels Back To 1964, Reveals Smart Phone

64 Westerner
64 Westerner

Is it me or does the bearded one look out of place among the other boys of Boyden Hall? Are they comparing notes in their little black books? Why is one guy wearing the potent combination of pajamas and flip-flops (and possibly a priest’s collar)? I don’t get it.



  1. Well I think these guys are actually studying their prayer books. The fellow on the right in the PJs is a priest from the future. He is leading them in catechism. Things are really laid back in the future.

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    • Yes, it’s like he decided not to come into 1964, when it was taken, and he stayed back in prior times. Like people who still feather their hair today and don’t know it’s 2016. 😉


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