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Natl Geographic Feb '68
Natl Geographic Feb ’68

Nope, those aren’t creative trick-or-treaters; it’s a family of Colorado Indians in Santo Domingo de los Colorados in Ecuador. Evidently, a new asphalt highway had been paved across their forest home, and the value of their land gave them beaucoup spendin’ money. So off they went to score Dad more sheer yellow scarves, whilst donning the traditional tribal stripes–regardless of the fact that horizontal lines are not slimming. In lieu of mousse or gel, Dad styled his hair with achiote paste, scooped from the plant pod.

For a closer look, fellow Colorado Indian Felix Calazacon models the red-paste hairdo.


Impressive. Should you so desire to mimic said hairstyle for your own costume desires, products are available.

Tradition still goes strong in 2016, and this happy family seems to be enjoying life.



Observation and Interpretation:

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