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75 Years Of USO: Part II

All images from "Always Home" by Coffey.
All images from “Always Home” by Coffey.

With its clubs and other activities, the USO not only served the needs of America’s men and women in uniform, bu also provided an effective means of channeling civilian volunteer efforts. By the war’s end in 1945, over 1.5 million Americans had contributed  their time to the USO. —  Always Home:50 Years of the USO

It felt good to provide a service to those who served in the war. These Navymen are enjoying coffee and doughnuts at the San Francisco USO.


Never underestimate generosity and gratitude.


7 thoughts on “75 Years Of USO: Part II”

  1. Great series. People seem to underestimate the generosity and the charity of the American people. I believe out Faith is at the core. May not be PC but the truth is what it is.

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