The Touch, The Feel Of Cotton


Most of the yearbooks I collect have ads in the back. Rarely are they interesting beyond the typeset or logos of the times, but this 1955 Lion’s Lair yearbook shows student at the places of business.


Leander55-008 Leander55-010

These students tried out the wheelbarrow at Allandale Hardware & Variety.


This Piggly Wiggly image gives insight to mid-century grocery stores before big chains like Wal-Mart and Target served our grocery needs.


Butter Krust was the best bread around; we used to cover our textbooks with Butter Krust advertising sheets.


Isn’t this last one fun? I like how they spell Bubba as “Buba.”




  1. Very cool pages. I have licked quite a few Green Stamps in my time; Top Value as well. We had a few Piggly Wigglys in our part of the country usually in small towns. Love the name Buba. Wasn’t that the kid in Mama’s Family?

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      • That is sad. When I was young I didn’t like my first name. As I aged It sort of grew on me so by the time I hit High School I thought it was fine. Maybe Bubba grew into his name as well.

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