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Things That Don't Make Sense

“Tiggers Don’t Jump; They Bounce.”–Tigger June 24, 2016

Herald Sun - Cheltenham pogo stick bouncers 1955

Herald Sun – Cheltenham pogo stick bouncers 1955






11 Responses to ““Tiggers Don’t Jump; They Bounce.”–Tigger”

  1. I never enjoyed pogo sticks. Stilts, however, were a whole other matter.

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    • kerbey Says:

      I can see that. On my end, I think they would be easier to enjoy before DD cups set in. 😉 Stilts would allow for all sorts of spying over fences and pilfering cabinets, and much less cardio.

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  2. That brings back a lot of memories. Do they even make pogo sticks anymore? And in the middle picture, what are they doing to the middle woman’s skirt? Looks like potential for a wardrobe malfunction. 🙂

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  3. Benson Says:

    That is one thing I don’t understand. How did people use them without killing themselves?

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  4. I wish that first pic was animated.

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  5. Paul Says:

    Awesome. there are some new fangled pogos -one type has a gas engine and another a shock.The new types can bounce as high as 8 feet.

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  6. I learned to walk on stilts as an early teen. In my fifties I attempted a pogo stick. Loved it. This post might inspire me to actually take it up again.

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