Trust In Me

In keeping with yesterday’s eyeglasses post, we continue with the theme.

1964 Westerner
1964 Westerner

Is it me, or does Mr. Gibson have Jungle Book snake eyes?

He’s like one of those cats with two colors of eyes.


And check out Mr. Curry down below. While Richard’s pipe and Donald’s head of nails are interesting features, Paul has the intoxicating eyes. You can’t turn away.


Maybe it was something in the water. Even some of the professors at Western New Mexico University had crazy eyes.


Professor Morton looks like he just hid the body and is biting his tongue to keep quiet.

I almost cropped Professor Habeeb out of this image but I did not want to deny you his amazing salt ‘n’ pepper hair, valiantly defying gravity as it swirls about his skull like a kudzu vine.


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