13 thoughts on “Transportation Of The Underclassmen”

      1. Those are cute donkeys. I saw Food personality Andrew Zimmern on TV last week, in Beijing eating stir-fried donkey. The restaurant he was at sells 450 lbs of donkey a day. I would rather pet a donkey than eat one.


      2. Generally speaking donkeys are sweet – unless they are being stubborn. Ha! I was driving on a farm road some time back and i spied a donkey and a filly who had gotten loose and were in a corn field just a few feet from a major highway. I was concerned, so I went back up the road and knocked on farm doors to get the owners to come. An old guy in a beat up p/u truck waved me down and asked what I was doing going in and out of driveways – no one was home. So i told him and asked if he owned the animals – he didn’t but he knew who did and the guy worked all day in the city and wasn’t home. So we went down to the field, parked and watched as the two got closer to the highway – it seemed they had no knowledge of traffic. The old guy said we would have to herd the two of them the 1/2 mile up the hill to their corral (with no harnesses or even a rope). I said I’d take the filly but he said the filly would likely bite, I took the donkey. To make a long story – about 1 1/2 hours – short, we eventually got the two back into the owner’s lot just as he returned and accused us of trying to steal them – yeah right. Anyway, it turned out that the filly had a serious attachment to the donkey and would go where ever the donkey went. You would think this would simplify the task, but no. That darned donkey knew what we were doing and did not want to return to captivity. So it always went in the general direction of the corral, but on the way was down in the ditch eating grass, up on a neighbor’s lawn, around a tool shed, inspected a barn, etc. And never more than five feet from the donkey followed the filly. I even tried putting my should to the donkey’s side and pushing but the donkey would just look at me as if i was nut s and carry on doing what he was doing. Ha! once we had the pair settled we walked back to our vehicles.

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