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Long Island Crazy Quilt April 13, 2016

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National Geographic June 1968

National Geographic June 1968

The apparent ghost/smoke in the image is actually a humming teakettle, signaling it’s time for these churchwomen to take a teatime break from completing a “crazy quilt” for a summer raffle. Though there be snow on the ground, the quilts will be done in time for warmer weather.

As an aside, I have a sewing kit that my great-grandmother owned, which looks nearly identical to the own above, except that it is pink.

Did your grandmothers quilt? Do you? It’s been making a steady comeback.


9 Responses to “Long Island Crazy Quilt”

  1. Benson Says:

    My grandma used to make rag rugs with a loom. As a child we had sooo many rugs. They were very colorful. As an aside. That Long Island Tea will really mess you up.

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  2. Paul Says:

    Ha! Those church ladies and their quilts.They and one of their quilts ended up being responsible for my spending 20 months at university – Ha! Very cool picture Kerbey. I can remember my Grandma working with her church friends quilting. It used to be such an integrated part of our social structure. Thanks for the warm memories.

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  3. Liz Says:

    the tea kettle smoke looks like it is coming from the lady in the red sweater’s nose. That is one cray cray quilt and as an added bonus there is a fork in the wall.

    I like that quilts can be made from mementos like theater t-shirts or sports jerseys, etc. Though I wouldn’t be able to put one together. Not enough patience and skill in my bones. These ladies look like they have it whipped, though. Woot.

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    • kerbey Says:

      Yes, the fork in the wall is a nice touch and so functional. I would totally want a quilt made from memories. But then I’d put it on the wall, not snuggle with it. I’m with you–not enough patience!

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  4. One of my cousin’s still quilts. What she can do with fabric scraps is amazing. I so not possess the patience or “wear”-with-all, not to be confused with where-with-all, to sit down and create a quilt. My hat’s off to those who can. 🙂

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