And A Side Of Freedom Fries

Houston Chronicle

Protesters of all colors carry signs, demanding equal rights at lunch counters in March of 1960.



      • Ha! WRONG! I beg to disagree Kerbey – in fact just yesterday Clinton was pledged support by some New York dandy (du Blois? ) and so they did a short prepared skit on stage in front of her crowd when he announced he was endorsing her ( a very late endorsement). They had a black actor help them and in the course of the dialogue Hillary says that he endorsed her on CP time. This is a euphemism for “Colored People” which was slang for always being late or never reliable. They then identified it as meaning something like “Careful Politician”. They got lot of flack for the prejudicial interpretation of their words. They countered by saying that the whole script was pre-written and that no one had any objections and that they made it clear very quickly what they were talking about. Many say that referring to “CP” time was insensitive and even more so given it was a prepared dialogue – and any words could have been chosen.

        So there you have it Kerbey -not fixed yet!


      • I knew you would come back with something like this. I just meant that eating at the COUNTER was fixed. Of course, there is more to do beyond that. But seriously, black comedians make fun of how late they are all the time, how they take 30 min breaks at work instead of 15. We can’t be that sensitive. We can’t think it’s funny when the comedian says it and not when it’s in a skit, right?

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