Vegas, Baby


Vegas010Vegas-005 Vegas-008 Vegas-004


12 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby”

      1. Fake coin sounds are more annoying than satisfying. On a separate note, the railroad system in our area has started piping in train whistle noises well ahead of any train arriving as part of their safety corridor improvement. It’s really disconcerting.

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      2. Shut the front door. So a fake sound? We live a couple blocks from the train tracks, and the light rail zooming by lets the whole state know it’s coming.


      3. The railroad installed speakers on the light posts marking the rail crossing. I first noticed it when I took a walk down at the waterfront and waiting for the crosswalk light to turn. The speaker was above my head and nearly made me jump out of my skin when in started to play that old familiar tune. Toot, toot.

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