I’ll Take A Pass On Sports, Thanks

Mirage 1963
Mirage 1963

The Good Lord would have made us heels over head if he’d intended such nonsense on a balance beam.

Mirage69- 009

No, I didn’t turn the picture. You can see the janitor behind him, wondering why any man in his right mind would want to be perpendicular to a pole when he could just push a broom like a normal person.

And these guys look super-psyched about this helmet.

Redskin49- 037

Sports make you hot and sweaty. Even the coach looks hot, and he’s not even playing. Sports gave him crow’s feet.

Sooner 1964

Even cheering is tedious. These young cheerleaders look exhausted, trying to count 2-4-6-8.


This might be the only sport I’d try, because of the cute suits. But not if my hair got wet. Or there was pee in the pool. Nevermind, forget it.

Cactus 1941
Cactus 1941

14 thoughts on “I’ll Take A Pass On Sports, Thanks

  1. I have very similar views on sports Kerbey. For instance football – if they gave each player his own ball they wouldn’t all have to fight over one. 😀

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  2. I enjoy sports as well as dancing and cocktails. Pat thinks that the only good thing about sports is that it gives “stupid people” something to watch. I called him a petite bourgeois elitist and hit him with a tennis racket.

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