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Ugliest Man Crowned December 16, 2015

Filed under: 1940s,Beauty,Fun,Funny,History,Humor,Nostalgia,Photography,Texas,Vintage — kerbey @ 9:46 am

48Cactus056What we’ve got here today is bald Brad Bourland crowning the winner of the University of Texas’s 1947 “Ugly Man Contest,” Ed Andrews. I don’t know about you, but Ed is certainly not the ugliest man to which I’ve born witness. Not by a longshot. As a result of the election, the Campus Chest received funds, which the pinned Jimmye Kimmey (that’s what the yearbook says her name is, folks) is delightfully clutching, alongside the repugnant Ed.


3 Responses to “Ugliest Man Crowned”

  1. Benson Says:

    I’m with you Kerby. He is far from the ugliest man I’ve seen. Goofiest smile? Maybe.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hendle Says:

    I hope he wasn’t scarred for life by that insulting award.

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