Abominable Yeti Sweater

Univ of Kansas 1947
Univ of Kansas 1947

I can’t tell if those figures are bald skiers or yetis, but at least he’s got the confidence to pull this thing off. They really dug Christmas sweaters in days of yore.


Well, it appears that the DUDES did.

No wait, here’s a cute couple, wearing matching reindeer moose sweaters. And a guy with a pipe.


You have to keep it interesting. These two matched, but the design was basic.

Sooners 1964
Sooners 1964

Now this couple knows how to customize! Way to be festive.



  1. I am sorry I am sure those sweaters were gifts from very important people in their lives. Possibly even a significant other. But I think they are ugly. But on a positive note. Kerby is Blonde. Hubba Hubba. You look great.

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  2. I also noticed your gravatar on Miss Beth’s post. πŸ™‚ You look younger in this photo and very pretty, Kerbey.
    The sweater thing is made of in Ugly Sweater parties my kids in their 30’s throw these and the two daughters ask to look through MY collection. I get huffy and say go check out thrift stores. πŸ™‚

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