Shine Sweet Freedom


If only I could take the jubilation and energy from this picture and inject it into my bloodstream (assuming a nurse could find a good vein), what a wonderful world this would be.


Is it me, or does this particular nurse have quite a bit of body hair?

9 thoughts on “Shine Sweet Freedom

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  1. Hmmm, is this a trick? I learned a long time to never say anything bad – especially concerning women and hair. All I can see is her internal beauty shining out through all the hair. Bwahahaha!

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    1. In the South, you can say something mean, but then say “bless her heart” afterward. Texas is not The South, so we just say it. Well, look–it’s been over 50 yrs since that pic was taken; I’m sure plenty of products have come out since then to tidy it up. We all have weird things about our bodies.

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  2. That first picture certainly is full of energy and stuff. But why do those guys and their sweaters remind me of George Michael? As for the nurse she may have a bit more hair on her arms than is customary but she has a nice profile,and she wears her hat well.

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