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Floral-Chested Beauties



13 thoughts on “Floral-Chested Beauties”

  1. My My. What a bunch of cute little flowers. And what a bunch of ugly dresses. The first could pass for a sofa covering. The second looks like my late Uncle Phil’s seersucker suit. As for the last was she an extra in a Prince Valiant flick? What is going on?

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    1. Now, now–I thought they all looked lovely in their dresses. I guess now that you say that, I can see the sofa and the seersucker (like a Charleston lawyer in July) and the Prince Valiant, minus his terrible haircut, but wouldn’t you dance with them or fetch them some punch? Not that you were alive in 1941…which you weren’t.

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      1. Well they do have delightful smiles and a charming twinkle in their eyes. So of course I would fetch them some punch and dance with them. I would also give them some advice on their clothes. But of course since I wasn’t even a gleam in my Daddy’s eye in ’41 I guess the point is moot.

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  2. I always envision my children and other generations looking at my pictures with the same questions I have when seeing things like your Nostalgia. I love the natural beauty of these young women!

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  3. Despite Benson’s harsh criticism, I do like the third dress. And they are lovely as folks have already pointed out. But sadly I have a hard time telling them apart. Hair and smiles are so similar!

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