Geese: The Mean Girls Of The Fowl World

Georgetown 015

Look at them with their noses beaks up in the air like the Heathers of the park. Fat chance they’d condescend to to come into contact with the humans.

Georgetown 017

 Chin, high, ladies! Don’t even glance at the homosapiens!

Georgetown 019

16 thoughts on “Geese: The Mean Girls Of The Fowl World

  1. We have an area in Indy, Broad Ripple Village that has an old canal running through it. It has scores of duck and geese that live there. They block the streets with their promenade.Little kids toss them bread, people accept them as a part of village life. Some years back the businesses paid a company to relocate them. They were back within a few months. Not a big fan of goose; unless roasted.

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  2. These are hybrids of domestic and Canadian geese (note the varied feathers, beaks, etc.). Geese are generally aggressive anyway, but the hybrids combine the aggressiveness of the species with a lack of fear of humans. When I lived in So. NJ, similar hybrids attacked children (kids literally bitten ’til they bled, chased from being able to get to their homes on that street, etc.), adults, dogs, cars … yup – *cars* (as in chased moving vehicles, damaging parked ones). Finally the hybrids and the escaped domestics were captured and removed. The Canadians were left and were, except for the excrement, not a problem. (The flock even adopted some orphaned grebes – rather sweet.)
    tl;dr = don’t feed or encourage these beasties – you are not doing them or your community any good.

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  3. Ornery little buggers. It isn’t often that I eat animals as revenge, but for these geese I wholly endorse that tactic. Come to think of it, this may be the only living thing that falls into that category.

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