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New York’s Bowery 1935

from "This Fabulous Century" Time Life Books
from “This Fabulous Century” Time Life Books

A dollar could go a long way in 1935. A haircut, a shave, and goulash–only 50ยข!

from "This Fabulous Century" Time Life Books
from “This Fabulous Century” Time Life Books

25 thoughts on “New York’s Bowery 1935”

  1. what a menu! Breast of lamb to be had for only fifteen cents. But how much bacon (figurative, not literal of course) were people bringing home? Would have to adjust for inflation and all that to figure this out and I’m not up for the math. Buttermilk, huh? How times have changed. And I’m wondering what’s in that Vegetable Loaf.

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    1. Who would buy the veggie loaf if it costs the same as meat? Of course, I’ve been known to pay $9 for a veggie plate, but still. And it does make you wonder if vegans and vegetarians sort of disappear/compromise principles during a depression if a meat dish were readily available, and they were hungry enough. And ew, I’m not drinking a cup of buttermilk!


  2. 1) What have you done with Benson? I need to know his take on the Bowery.
    2) I’ll pass on the 20 cent electric massage and take a shampoo at that same price point. An “Electric massage” circa 1935 sounds kinda scary, no?

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    1. Benson will be here; he’s probably eating out right now, getting some fried mushrooms and a pork loin sandwich. I’m with you; I’d skip the electric massage. Probably would sting at some point.

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    1. Actually,2014 was the year of the bob for celebs: Lauren Conrad, JLaw, Emma Stone, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Kayley Cuoco, Anne Hathaway…but I guess they call that the “long bob.” We have a pastor named Bob and he’s bald, so the word “hairbob” is mutually exclusive there.

      I’ve never had a loaf of veggies either.


  3. FWIW, according to one inflation calculator (US Bureau of Labor & Statistics) $1.00 in 1935 equates to $17.24 in 2014 dollars, and 20 cents = $3.45.

    In 1935, a Ford Model 48 Eight Standard Coupe could be had for $580 – only about $10K today.

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  4. Maybe the vegetable loaf was really big, like a loaf of bread, and you could bring it home and feed the family for a week. Hard times and all … Or really, really big, like Meat Loaf, and would sing a rock anthem for you to the tune of Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits. Sorry. Had to do it, Kerbey.

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