Coots Gettin’ Rowdy Up In Here, Up In Here


This pic might cause Ned to release the squirrel, because only Heaven knows what’s got Granny so riled up. Whatever it is, the woman behind her is not keen on it continuing. Did she find the Willy Wonka golden ticket? Is that her bus pass? Perhaps it’s a not-so-silent auction or a Tupperware bidding war? Shouldn’t they all be playing bingo? And what on earth is Rose Marie doing there?

By the way, you guys–did you know Rose Marie is still alive and kicking at 90? She’s older than Dick Van Dyke! Why does he get all the press? That is not very chim chim cheree.

19 thoughts on “Coots Gettin’ Rowdy Up In Here, Up In Here

  1. I do believe that Rose Marie actually wrote the damn scripts for the show, too, Kerbey, unless that was a very weird dream I had.

    OK, back to the photo …

    I think she just had the right card called by the amateur magician for Free Center Entertainment Friday.


    1. FCEF? Well, if Rose Marie did write the scripts, then it’s her turn to relax and take advantage of free entertainment. I’m pretty sure it was Doug Henning.


  2. Oh that’s just my crazy Aunt Nell. They had just announced they would have a display of Chippendales and she got confused. Thought they were talking about the dancers. Her long time friend Eva, behind tried to calm her down. You should have seen her when she realized it was a bunch of chairs. Boy was she miffed.


  3. I would be more than happy to dispatch Skippy the rabid squirrel to retrieve this photo for further analysis. En leu of that, judging from the hair, glasses and Pepsi logo, my guess is that this is a photo taken during a 1970s read-thru of the “Rose Marie Show,” which was cancelled when a young Estelle Getty (behind actress with card) deviated from the script and accidentally broke the arm of an extra. But I’d need more time to corroborate my theory. And maybe a glass of wine.

    Skippy is awaiting instructions…

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      1. Great, now you’ve got ME wondering…

        And I’m serious about the photo. It gave me an idea about having folks with odd, unexplained photos email them to me to investigate. Could be fun. I thought this one might be a good one to start with, if you’re willing?

        If not, no worries. Skippy is just happy to get out on a day other than a Tuesday.


      2. Yes, go ahead, by all means. I only wish the resolution on 1970s pics were half as good as they seem to be in all my 1940s ones!!


      3. Great! Thanks, “Kerbey!” I’ll tie you into the post (that sounds kinky) when I put it together, and hopefully send some new folks your way in the process.

        And you’re right about the photo quality. Must’ve been all the cheesy porno lighting that was so common in the 70s…


  4. Was this in a yearbook? So the faculty lounge? Clearly she just won a raffle for a very expensive prize and the lady behind her (home ec teacher? am certain the raffle winner is the typing instructor) is going to tackle her to the ground because she wanted to win. The guy in the front teaches algebra. And the standing lady in the pants, girls’ phy ed.

    Though Ned’s theory sounds good, too.

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    1. Both equally plausible. It is a bit loungey. There is definitely some aggression in the Home Ec teacher (isn’t there always?). Good call on the Phys Ed.


  5. what we are witnessing here is the Legendary Ruth Buzzi, Agnes Morehead (both not pictured) co-star bidding war only spoken in hushed tones during quitter moments one of David Niven’s infamous parties. Legend has it that Morehead and Buzzi appeared on the Dina Shore show together and then separately both doing a skit with Burt Reynolds. The comedic improvising was so unique and genius that the two bits and actresses were forever more both compared and pitted against each other as if they were Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor.


    1. You certainly have the 411 on this. I’m grateful that Ruth is not pictured, but I would have liked to have seen Endora. So Burt was their Eddie Fisher?


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