Remember When

happy frat boy 1946
happy frat boy 1946


  1. Well I am a mature gentleman but I don’t recall a time when some kid was in a tree with a big bell announcing time and temperature. I don’t remember a town crier either. Hey where is his thermometer?


  2. nope, don’t get this one either (just like Mark). The bell? The time is available even if you’re not in a tree, though he quite possibly has a better handle on the weather due to his closer proximity to the sky compared to those of us on the ground. Hope it was an awesome fraternity and well worth whatever he’s doing in that tree. Oh, falcons…birds…trees. Maybe I get it just a bit. But still not a lot.


  3. Oh those crazy frat boys at it again with their whacky scale the tree and tell the time game. I believe they have since switched over to water boarding as their go to hazing ritual.


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