Poetry In Motion


Oh, my goodness. This is too much for a Monday. It’s like West Side Story meets yoga meets Lionel Richie’s ballerina girl meets Mr. Roboto.

I do not like her rigid pose
I do not like her see-through clothes
I do not like her pointed feet
I really think that girl should eat
May I suggest some lean red meat?
With green eggs, it is quite a treat

Would you like them in Oklahoma?
No, I prefer them in a coma

I do not like their warrior stance
I do not like their modern dance
I do not want to have to watch
I think we should Febreze her crotch

I do not like that high slit skirt
I do not like boys’ groins that hurt
I do not like that turtleneck
I do not like it for a sec

I do not like them, Sam-I-am
I’d rather eat a can of Spam
And pour it in a cereal bowl
That precooked gelatinous pork bumhole

I do not like them here or there
I do not like them anywhere

10 thoughts on “Poetry In Motion

  1. I rather like her flimsy shirt.
    I rather like that high slit skirt.
    As for the boys on bended knees
    They look pretty dorky in those dungarees.
    So all in all this dance thing is a scam.
    All in all I too prefer a can of Spam


  2. In a Gym.
    On a whim.
    The girl in the middle has a pleasant smile
    If only for a little while.
    Sure… (dramatic pause) I may not have the gift of Wit
    I may not own a catcher’s Mitt.
    But one thing is certain and very true
    The “I Don’t Get it” Blog always sustains…. an entertaining point of view.


  3. I do not like the rolled-up jeans,
    I do not like the bursting seams.
    I do not like boys’ feet to don
    ballet shoes over which they fawn.
    I do not like those slits so high,
    which beckon every prurient eye.
    I do not like sheer anything,
    I do not like how she takes wing.
    I’d rather see a basketball
    go through that hoop, and she to fall
    back to the earth, thus causing mirth,
    and then they’d all come from their trance
    and dance a Texas two-step dance.

    Or maybe a waltz.


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