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Ties That Bind


If these 1949 college boys could be casual and dapper sitting on a gymnasium floor, what excuse has modern man not to look dashing in a tie of his own?

49Cactus015These fellows may have been only nineteen years old, but they knew how to make the most of formal neckwear.

By contrast, our commander-in-chief, who you’d think would least have enough style to match wits with Michelle’s interesting sleeveless dress explosions, chose these duds:


Wow! Way to get us excited about politics! These are patriotic but BOR-ing, Barry. Even this stodgy old white guy had a superior tie collection. You probably don’t recognize him since you’ve taken down the portraits of prior presidents, but this one actually ended WWII.


Here’s some detail on Harry S. (You Dropped A Bomb On Them) Truman’s tie:


Whatever your political affiliation, you can recognize that we are most certainly NOT in the heyday of neckties. However, bow ties are enjoying a trendy little trip up the popularity scale…


I know they’re not mandatory at work or church anymore, and I realize ties may be constricting. But guess what? So are stilettos and thongs. So is this bra I’m wearing, crushing my ribs and leaving indents in my shoulders. So are nylons with the seams, but those do something for you, don’t they, fellas?


Back in the 1940s, if ladies couldn’t afford or find nylons, they’d resort to having their legs painted. Just to aesthetically please the boys.


So tie one on, okay? You can’t lose with a nice vintage tie. Skip the wide ones of the 70s and ultraskinny ones of the 80s. The 40s offered the most color and creativity.


Even in black and white, these ties show pizzazz.


I bet choosing that lackluster tie wasn’t that drinker’s only poor choice that night. Look how drab it appears next to his buddy’s poppin’ square print.


I don’t have a clue what print that is spilling across his chest (a peacock tornado? an eyebrow?), but I know it’s pimp. And so did she.

49Cactus022Feast on these delights. Surely one of them reflects your personality.





And how about these for the ethnocentric Irishman?


This set sold for less than $23 on ebay:


If Ryan Gosling can try it, shouldn’t everyone?


16 thoughts on “Ties That Bind”

  1. Ties are so classy, especially the ’40s ones. I miss buying my dad a tie for Christmas or his birthday, now that he’s 93, has scads and no longer wants any more. Just like we do with soldiers in uniform, we girls swoon over a guy who will dress up a little.


  2. Oh, in the first picture (the comment I left) and the Fedora Lounge ties were my very favorites, especially the right hand brown one, cool design!
    I think President Bush, the younger one chose solid red, blue, or striped ties. I assumed they didn’t allow much freedom and red, white and blue was a requirement at formal affairs. . . 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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