Truck Stop Weary, Numero Quatro

Sayre, OK 1988
Sayre, OK 1988 from Marc Wise’s “Truck Stop”

Hands down, this is the guy.  This is the guy you want leaning intimately into you, inviting you to be in cahoots with him, to share the secrets he’s learned on the road.

Forgive me.  I was premature in my assumption.  THIS is the guy.

Ontario, California 1988
Ontario, California 1988

Yes, the one with the mutton chops, driving his Rebel Flag-decked out Bandit up to California.  Is he sucking a Lemonhead?  Is he dipping Skoal?  He’s a man of mystery.  I just feel a strong sense of… Gary Sandy surrounding him.  Yes, that’s it.  He must be related to Gary Sandy.  You know, Andy Travis from WKRP?

Whoa.  Is it hot in here?  I’m feeling faint, and it’s not a touch of Johnny Fever.  Believe me.  Okay, time to refocus.  Surely, there’s some trucker in this book who can compete with an aging sitcom star.

Bourbon, IN 1990
Bourbon, IN 1990

Um.  No.  That is NOT the ticket.  Perhaps this young fella?

Senatobia, MS 1994
Senatobia, MS 1994

His head says Yankee, but his body says Confederacy.  Who has time for a cocksure whippersnapper with an identity complex?  Not me.  I haven’t got time for the pain.  Okay, let’s spin the wheel.  Surely there’s SOMEONE.

Sikeston, Missouri 1990
Sikeston, Missouri 1990


5 thoughts on “Truck Stop Weary, Numero Quatro

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  1. second to last pic down: ( I always feel like I am playing Hollywood squares with your blogs: Paul Lynn to block please) I think you found Dog the bounty hunters dad..or is that Kenny Rogers pre face lift? Or Hulk Hogan? I am confused now


    1. Aw, now I can hear Paul Lynde’s snarky voice in my head! Did you know he’s been DEAD over 30 yrs? I think I will go more Dog the BH on that guy, just bc I have a soft spot for the Gambler.


  2. And I thought I was the only one who got an uneasy feeling knowing that Gary Sandy was out there somewhere but no one knew where. Boy, what a show WKRP was, one of the very few that can legitimately be claimed to have never jumped the shark.
    It’s funny that they tried to make Gary Sandy the star. He so wasn’t the star.


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