License & Registration Please


Memorial Day seems as fitting a day as ever to begin our weeklong (we’ll see about that) Texas Dept of Public Safety pictorial history retrospective, seeing as many officers lost their lives in the line of duty.  However, today’s focus is not on lost life, but on the superbadassness of the department from 1935-1980.  I realize this seems hyperspecialized, but these pics are a treasure trove of early law enforcement, as well as insight into the long-gone TWENTIETH CENTURY.  You will witness early outdated, inefficient ways of doing things, like searching for fingerprints by hand and how to confirm if someone is a doublecrossing liar.


See how people used to communicate with typing thingies and wirey boxes.



Experience the communications hub, the leader in advanced technology.


You will meet important characters, like Pop and Paul!



Shoot the breeze with Viola and Barbara, both fashioned from the hands of Jim Henson!


And FYI, Mr. Curb is not about to take any crap from you today.


So join me as we take a long stroll through the halls of public safety.  Drive safely!

5 thoughts on “License & Registration Please

  1. 3rd picture down: (from Right to Left) Bernice Skype’s Ethel (on her state of the art victrola-vision) to get her opinion on bobbing her hair for the county fair when she presents her prize Hog. Bob listens to the cool easy tones of Kenny G on his new Ipod 9000 (with his Dr Dre beats headphones) while trying to figure out why Bernice handed him a piece of paper instead of uploading the PDF file to his Ipad. Tommy used to work on the docks, Unions been on strike He’s down on his luck, but at least he’s gets to pine for both Bernice and Bob both and hold on to what he’s got. It doesn’t make a difference if they notice him or not, he’s got a nifty desk job and that’s a lot for love.


    1. You crack me up. I didn’t realize she was skyping. I am so dense! Bob is clearly a D-bag bc his name is too close to Massengill feminine wash. Nevermind that he was hip to the very early 1938 works of Dre. I think Tommy should just take Bernice’s hand and they’ll make it I swear.


Observation and Interpretation:

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