Pace Yourself, Fran

American tourists in American Samoa, Carl Mydans

I didn’t even know we had a territory in Samoa, but that’s not surprising, is it? We even have a flag there, a mish-mash of Samoan/USA colors, but it’s odd, truth be told.

It looks like a cheap decal or a page in a first grade coloring book. I get the symbolism of the bald eagle (he looks determined), but as to why he’s clutching a war club and fly-whisk, you got me. They’ve kept this flag longer than I’ve been alive, so I guess it’s all good over there.

The population is about the size of my Austin-suburb city, so surely they have a Starbuck’s and a TJ Maxx and all that’s needed in life. As usual, it makes me want to bust out with songs from “South Pacific.” Isn’t it lovely?