Pace Yourself, Fran

American tourists in American Samoa, Carl Mydans

I didn’t even know we had a territory in Samoa, but that’s not surprising, is it? We even have a flag there, a mish-mash of Samoan/USA colors, but it’s odd, truth be told.

It looks like a cheap decal or a page in a first grade coloring book. I get the symbolism of the bald eagle (he looks determined), but as to why he’s clutching a war club and fly-whisk, you got me. They’ve kept this flag longer than I’ve been alive, so I guess it’s all good over there.

The population is about the size of my Austin-suburb city, so surely they have a Starbuck’s and a TJ Maxx and all that’s needed in life. As usual, it makes me want to bust out with songs from “South Pacific.” Isn’t it lovely?

10 thoughts on “Pace Yourself, Fran”

  1. Those two objects carried by the eagle’s claws are very sacred to the Samoan culture. Those two objects are a part of the ceremonies that take place in the culture. The eagle itself, as well as it’s demeanor represents the determination of America taking over Samoa.

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