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Pre-Depression 1928 Alcalde


In my years of perusing old yearbook pages, I have found that the students’ portrait demeanors progress from stoic (you’ve seen Civil War era photos) to eternally wasted (beginning in the 60s and moving throughout the 80s). Humor was often saved for cartoons or jokes/limericks in the back of the book. However, the humor is usually so outdated, I can’t follow. And in some instances, just plain crazy.

I couldn’t make heads or tails of this one:

Alcalde006This yearbook belonged to Mabel E. Roberson from Humble, Texas, whom I imagine has since passed on, as she would be over 100 at this point.

Alcalde012Evidently, she did not spell “chaos” correctly, and was mocked for it, and understandably so. Chaos? Five little letters?

Alcalde005Her spelling may not have been up to par, but she did manage to make a “real friend.”

Alcalde014She also spent a happy night under the big bright moon with John C. Sutton.

Alcalde007She must have been too busy with John/Jack to give Kucera the time of day. He still mourned his broken heart.

Alcalde002Another man wanted to put her in jail with a life sentence. Egads, what sort of debt did she owe?

Alcalde001I combed these brittle pages and could not for the life of me find Mabel’s pic. I assume she was a little easier on the eyes than Sue Hill, big pimpin’ in her sparkly hat.


It would have been a hard time to be in college, no? This was during Prohibition. For those of you non-Americans, Prohibition was a nationwide ban on the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcohol from 1920 to 1933. I don’t imagine Italy or France enforced such a thing. It was a time of flapper bobs, mink coats (before PETA threw red paint on fur), and apparently–Harry Potter glasses.

Alcalde015Dancing around the maypole gaily, who could have imagined The Great Depression was only a matter of months away?