10 thoughts on “Christmas Is So Close, I Can Taste It!”

  1. It sure doesn’t feel like Christmas. My son , his fiance and one of the twins were quarantined for the obligatory 2 weeks and even though they are OK they don’t want to spread anything to Grandpa. I guess we aren’t supposed to see family anyway. Unless you are in charge. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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    1. Merry Christmas to you as well! We haven’t gathered with friends or family since March, and won’t be joining anyone for Christmas either. It does feel odd. Sorry, Grandpa! It does feel weird to be going nearly a year without hugging family.

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  2. My daughter and George Three brought take out pizza over for a belated birthday lunch yesterday, Kerbey, and we ate in separate rooms. (At least we have open concept living-room/kitchen.) Then we socially distanced with our masks on for a couple hours of catch-up chatting. The same will happen for Christmas. What a year.

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    1. I really wish more people did what you were doing. We wouldn’t be in such a pickle right now if everyone would just obey the rules. My dad came and stood on my porch wearing a mask, several feet apart, so we could catch up a couple weeks ago. That was so hard not to be a good hostess and just usher him in my home and show him all the Christmas decorations or hug or just offer him even a glass of water. What a year indeed!


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