When It Was Still The Milwaukee Braves

Reminisce: Pics from the Past

Before the Braves moved to Atlanta in 1966, they were the Milwaukee Braves, playing at Milwaukee County Stadium, where this family, the McCluskeys, enjoyed opening day in April of 1964. Maybe he even wound up with a snazzy tee like this one.


8 thoughts on “When It Was Still The Milwaukee Braves”

    1. If a brave is a warrior, and Native Americans actually did wear loincloths and feathers in their hair, then the image seems accurate. And he’s in a powerful stance, not a victim. So I don’t see the issue. Now stop offending birds.

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  1. Times, they do change, Kerbey, with teams leaving and breaking family hearts all over cities. The way I interpret the hurt involved with sport squad names: if it offends the group depicted by the name, it should be changed.

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