Long-Lost Beautiful Bean Footage

Finlay Photographs by Luis Marden, 1936

These Boston women cooked up jars/vessels/urns of their city’s famous baked beans, often eaten at Sunday breakfast in days of yore, per the British tradition. What about ye? Hast thou partaken of an English breakfast? Who wouldn’t want to start the Sabbath off with a healthy start of fried eggs, bacon, bangers, half a tomato (why?), a burnt hockey puck, and buttered toast?


Did the Irish later come in and change our whole notion of breakfast by trading beans for potatoes? The only beans consumed in my house for breakfast are refried and tucked inside a breakfast taco.

19 thoughts on “Long-Lost Beautiful Bean Footage”

  1. My husband an our oldest sons would salivate to a disgusting degree over both of these photos. I sometimes cook them a full English breakfast but I serve it as dinner rather than breakfast. My kids grew up calling that “upside down breakfast” because it was the wrong end of the day.

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      1. They actually aren’t keen on the cooked tomatoes element of that meal but they eat the rest of it. What looks like a black patty is actually a slice of black pudding, which is blood sausage. There’s also white pudding and fruit slice if making a Scottish cooked breakfast.

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      2. White does sound better, but there’s already so much meat there in the first place. Can we replace it with sticky toffee pudding instead? Putting to Americans requires sugar.

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  2. I could handle an English breakfast even with the beans. However like you I am more used to refritoes. Oh also you could 86 the hockey puck. That is probably a blood cake made from blood sausage. Not a fan.

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