Happy Days Are Here Again

1943 Cactus

After I followed the prompts in this helpful post, I can post like in days of yore. Woot woot! Thanks to MaxTheDog and doesitevenmatter3 for your help! And yes, it does even matter. It totally matters.

7 thoughts on “Happy Days Are Here Again”

  1. I do not much like the new way either, Kerbey, and will attempt to figure out the directions in that post. But the way I translate WordPress’ directives, they are phasing the old editor out of our lives completely no matter how hard we try to hold onto it.

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  2. I am currently ambivalent about the new format. I am still groovin’ on the colored text and backgrounds. Of course it can be a pain and it frustrates me at times but I am like Mark. When I feel smart I will try to follow that post. When it comes to computers I am more lucky than educated.

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