Yes, There Really Was A Douglass Crockwell

April 1954

Isn’t it eerie how similar Mr. Crockwell’s paintings look to Mr. Norman Rockwell’s? It’s even the same subject matter. I mean, the style is nearly identical. Check out another Crockwell. From beer to Coke, two of my favorite things!

American Gallery

Honestly, it sounds like an SNL skit, like changing Mr. Rogers to Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood. Stranger than fiction. Crockwell also did this fun outdoor scene.


In any event, I can appreciate both artists. I wish our summer looked more like this one!


14 thoughts on “Yes, There Really Was A Douglass Crockwell”

      1. He must have killed off his alter-ego a decade before himself then, because Norman died in ’78, 10 years after Douglass passed.


  1. It is so nice to see drawings drawn by hand sans a computer. It is also wonderful to see pro American content, It seems as though patriotism is bad and flag burning is cool. Both men have such a gret command of their medium, Great choice for you header. May we all have many more summers like that,

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    1. LOL I wish I was that talented as well! You would even have some alliteration going for you on top of it. And you would literally be mocking him well, or at least mimicking well.

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