Storefront Awning: Best Seat In The House

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While most of us may not remember the taste of joy and victory, time was when a whole country could come together to support an accomplishment, like this August 16, 1969 parade on Houston’s Main Street for Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. While Armstrong has since passed, Aldrin and Collins turn 90 this year.




18 thoughts on “Storefront Awning: Best Seat In The House”

    1. After checking your post I went back to watch the original Twist and Shout video from Ferris Buehler’s Day Off (1986). I had forgotten just how great a video that was. Apparently when they were filming it with a cast of thousands other folks nearby joined in, too. That took me down the Youtube wormhole of 80s videos and if you want a trippy reminder of what the 80s music videos were like (i know you were too young to have been part of that live), check out the1984 Twisted Sister’s extended version of “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

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      1. I remember when MTV came out. I went to my BFF’s house every day after school to ingest videos. I remember the video of Dee against the hood of the car. It gets better?

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      2. “Don’t Douglas C me!” Wow, he says all the verbally abusive that exists. I’m calling CPS. But first, the orthodontist. Maybe I was thinking of “I Wanna Rock,” but they used the same exact guy. Isn’t that weird?? It’s basically the same song, now that I revisit it. The man is keeping them down.

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  1. Parade!!! I haven’t been to one in so long, even before this madness started. That Ferris Bueller gif puts me in mind – did you happen to watch the “Reunited Apart” series on Youtube? Ferris Bueller was one of the movies they did, you might enjoy it!

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      1. Oh man you might love it. It’s hosted by Josh Gad and he gets all the cast members together from all these 80s classic movies… and a VERY special Lord of the Rings reunion too!

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      2. I imagine Cameron must be really old now, since he was like 30 then. Then again, Broderick always played younger as well. I’ll have to pass on LOTR, as only my spouse and friends are sci-fi dorks. 😉

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  2. On a small scale, I remember stepping outside after watching Syracuse win the National Championship game in men’s basketball on TV back in 2002 and everybody in the neighborhood also came out to was bang pots and pans. That was also pretty cool, Kerbey.

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