Souvenirs of Boca Chica on Padre Island

I recently came into possession of narcotics a book of paintings by EM “Buck” Schiwetz, an artist who painted the Texas landscape for decades. In the future, I imagine I will share more of his images, but I just wanted to focus on this one today and get your take. What do you think of the seagulls, the seaside shanties, the brown sky?


14 thoughts on “Souvenirs of Boca Chica on Padre Island”

  1. It’s alive with color and I like the movement with all the birds busy overhead. Good stuff. Lots going on. I was just thinking about my friend Miss Figgy and wondering how she’s doing. 😉

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      1. Thank you Kerbey! I took your advice and followed up with a super sundae for good measure. Now I’m feeling ready for the workweek. Thank u buddy! ❤️

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